Type — Residential

Location — Portsea

Status — In Construction


Located in Portsea on an undulating site, this subdivision and residential development offers two spatially identical beach houses that respond uniquely to their individual contexts.
The brief accounts for a generous residence with centralised living spaces connected to terraced decks and a pool. The sleeping wing which could also accommodate another family is zoned separately from the main living space and master suite. This zoning provides flexibility in how the residence can be occupied and passively controlled.

This primary spatial plan is repeated across both dwellings. Where each dwelling differs is in their siting and the articulation of the blade walls. Due to the unusual undulations of the site, one dwelling hugs a steep landscaped basin with terracing integrated into the natural fall of the landscape. The blade walls, a distinct architectural gesture, creates an individual sense of entry to each lot, privacy from neighbouring residences, frames views and creates additional private courtyard spaces.

Each dwelling has a high green star energy rating, performing well thermally due to the double masonry block walls, concrete floors, and orientation. The location of operable windows and doors to the external courtyards and greens spaces maximise the opportunities for natural cross ventilation.

The material palette is robust, textured, and low maintenance in response to the coastal environment.