Denton Winery

Type — Commercial

Location — Yarra Valley

Status — Complete


Denton Winery will evolve and adapt to the changing needs of Denton Wines. The building adopts a modular design approach that is intended to be staged. Stage 1, completed in 2019 accommodates 40 tonne wine making capacity. Capacity can increase to 200 tonnes once the subsequent Stage 2 extension to the east is completed.

The winery is embedded into the side of a hill to create an optimal environment for winemaking and to reduce the reliance upon mechanical systems. Cross ventilation is provided via large sliding doors opening to the east, south and west. There is vehicle access through the property for a large B-double and the southern area is designated for bottling.

Integral to the design is what you don’t see – the arrangement of services which are accessible and provide flexibility to plug in equipment when needed, water tanks that dually act as retaining walls and aerobic water filtration which allows water to be treated on site. Gravity fed production techniques are considered with an elevated platform on the second level above the barrel store.