Yarra Valley House

Type — Residential

Location — Yarra Valley, Victoria

Status — Completed 2014


A new home set amongst open paddocks designed by Folk for a young family in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. The house is divided into two separate building components that are defined by program, orientation, and arrangement, framing views to the north and providing an entry courtyard to the south.

Split floor plates orientate views towards the Yarra Valley Ranges and maximise north light. The living and sleeping wings are connected by a glazed entry, which frames views to the east. The living space opens onto a large protected north facing terrace, while the sleeping wing provides more intimate spaces to nest with reduced glazing and ceiling heights.

This family home is off the grid and incorporates ecologically sustainable design principles including passive cooling, solar panels, water harvesting and cross ventilation throughout creating a stable internal temperature.

The families post occupancy feedback has provided valuable information about how the family use and interact with the spaces and materials, and the overall performance of the building. This helps to inform future projects.

Photo: Brooke Holm