c3 Gallery

Type — Heritage / Cultural

Location — Abbotsford Convent

Status — Completed 2016


The c3 Gallery installation at Abbotsford Convent references the architectural language and materiality of the Convent in a contemporary way.

Designed by Folk Architects and supported by Austral Bricks and Mogford & Son Bricklaying the entrance installation at the c3 Contemporary Artspace Abbotsford Convent highlights the expressive and sculptural qualities of brick.

Located in the basement of the Convent, the exhibition space has barrel vaulted brick arches and stretcher-bond brick flooring and walling. The forms and materiality expressed in the installation celebrate and highlight its distinctive architectural elements.

By using bricks to generate intrigue, the installation’s architectural value is considerate of its historic context and role as an exhibition space. A sculptural object composed of radiating bricks the installation’s material selection, Chillingham White with a textured matt finish is subdued and non-reflective so as not to compete with the art and to serve the expression of form.

The bricks have been used to their full potential, the self-supporting structure together with the different bond types and the interconnecting circular forms emphasise the extent of bricks versatility.

Photo: John Gollings